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Why do You Need a wechat account?
Remember - if You're not on WeChat,
you don't exist in China!
The shortest way to the Chinese heart
If You're not on WeChat , you're not in China. All life is built around it. All popular messengers are disabled and many sites are not working correctly. In it you can tell about yourself, about the company, launch promotions, place a catalog of goods or services, communicate with your customers and accept payments.

Sell in China and sell in your country for Chinese tourists
Just set up a WeChat store and sell your products to 300 million users in China. Your business is in your home country and you want Chinese tourists to buy Your goods more, Then get WeChat and sales will grow many times. Tie up Wechat pay and accept payment.

To participate in exhibitions with Chinese audiences.
Do you go to an exhibition in China or participate in international exhibitions where there is a Chinese audience? Then you definitely need Wechat! Chinese people almost do not use business cards and booklets - it is much easier for them to add to your account, or for you to add them to yourself. Besides, it's really convenient-a couple of seconds and it is done.
China has a population of 1.3 billion. But what is striking is that they are virtually cut off from the rest of the world. Facebook Instagram and Twitter are almost completely inaccessible to them.
BUT! They have a WeChat! And more than half of the population actively use it.
41% of the total population of China goes to WeChat daily!
It's not a joke. WeChat is spreading in China with cosmic speed. WeChat is taking over China for both social and commercial purposes and has grown into the largest and most influential social network in China. If You are not in WeChat-You simply do not exist for China.

Not just messenger or social network. It's the whole world!
WeChat for China is the whole world. In it you order a taxi, pay for purchases in a restaurant or store, read the news, shop in an online store, play games, follow your favorite bloggers and so on. Its service is limitless.
Did you come to the exhibition without Wechat? Go back!
The Chinese really think is it easier to add you to wechat instead of business cards . It is also highly recommended to print a QR code on Your stand so that passing by visitors will add you by themselves.

Step 1. The choice of the type of account
If you understand that you need WeChat, then where to start? The first step is to choose which account you want. To make the choice you need to define Your tasks, because then it will be impossible to change the type of account.
Service account
the best choice for businesses and organizations that want to access all the features of the wechat platform. This type of account supports extensive API capabilities, fully customizable menu, send promotions, send notifications about new messages, communication with users and so on.
Advantages: wide possibilities and flexible customization.
Disadvantage: it is possible to send only 4 messages per month.
For whom: it is optimal for any organization.
Subscription Account
Subscription Account is the basic type of official account. The main feature of the account-regular posting of information. The account allows you to broadcast one message every day, subscribers will see the update in the subscriptions section.
Advantages: Ability to send 1 message per day.
Disadvantages: Not suitable for business, shopping and selling anything.
For whom: for the media, bloggers, personal brand, to inform about your company, promotions, new products. No sales.
In it you can create your own mini-applications with its functionality. For example-games, shop, maps, photo applications, anything you want.
Advantages: unlimited possibilities
Disadvantages: not very suitable for bloggers, company information page
For someone: for company and people. Suitable for interactive communication with the audience - as usual for phone applications - shop, card games and more.
STEP 2. Created? Now you need to fill it.
Don't be afraid - we'll take care of that. Including translation from very competent native speakers. You only need to provide us with a description of the company, services and products and a few news in your language.
Step 3. Launch
Account is created and filled with your information. you can start you way through the wall!

Reasons to work with WeStart
Launch in no time
Just send a request and in 7 working days (max) the account is ready! launch a store, advertising company, attract bloggers and make a sharp start-everything is possible!
Professional team
Two professional teams-one in Russia, the other in China. In China, we have been doing business for more than 10 years, many years of proven contacts and registered companies both in Russia and China.
Many years of experience in the field of exports, logistics and marketing
We have extensive experience in all these areas, we can advise on any issues of foreign trade and Wechat.
Always in touch
At any time - we will always answer Your questions and questions of Chinese partners.
We can undertake a full cycle of turnkey services
Our functionality is very wide and multifaceted. From business account registration to full support and development of exports to China.
You don't need an interpreter.
Our managers speak and communicate in Chinese, which removes all barriers. You do not need to delve into the specifics of the Chinese mentality and hire an extra employee.
We tried to start working with China for a very long time and everything was unsuccessfull until we met WeStart. Then we quickly created a wechat account, where we were able to collect contacts from exhibitions, and CHC did the impossible-helped us officially put our product into Chinese market. As we have a very new product that is uncommon to China customs Nobody could help us before WeStart make it real! I highly recommend working with real proffesionals!
Roman Petchenko
CEO, Peroni (production and sale of products under the Peroni brand)
It was important for me that tourists who came to my store could understand what I have, tell friends and establish the possibility of payment through WeChat pay. With the pros from WeStart Center it was easy and simple!
Maria Rice
Director of the store " Red square"
Some plans include unlimited employee access, shared boards and sessions. Free period 30 days. No credit card required.
We Start
29 900 Р.
We All
от 69 000
/ month
Start today!
And tomorrow the doors of the land of the rising sun
will be opened for you!
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